This is the lineage chart of the late Grand Master Li Iu Ling’s Choy Lee Fut (雄勝) lineage. The lineage holders are Alan Yee (余聲) and Victor Wong (黃白堅).

Chan Heung Gung, Founder of Choy Lee Fut (1806 – 1875) Introduction  Choy Lee Fut kung fu (蔡李佛拳) in its unadulterated form, is one of the most authentic and complete offshoots of the original Shaolin Kung Fu (少林功夫). Founded by Chan Heung Gung (陳亨公), a native of  Ging Mui Village (京梅村), Sun Wui County (新會縣), [...]

The traditions of the Southern Lion Dance are faithfully observed and performed by the Li Iu Ling Choy Lee Fut Lion Dance Group. This artcile explains these traditions and their significance.

Grand Master Li had the distinguished c.v. of having learnt kung fu from three of the top zhong-shis in China during the pre-Second World War era – Choy Lee Fut’s 3rd Generation Great Grand Master Chan Yiu Chi, grandson of its Founder, Chan Heung Gung; Northern Lohan Mern’s Great Grandmaster Sun Yu-feng (羅漢門五省刀王孫玉峰), “Broadsword King of Five Provinces”; and Yang Family Tai Chi’s Great Grand Master Yang Cheng-fu (楊澄甫), grandson of the Founder of Yang Tai Chi, Yang Lu-chan.

Lohan Mern’s Great Grand Master Sun Yu-feng, “Broadsword King of Five Provinces”, was the second mentor of Grand Master Li Iu Ling.

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